Being the leading transformer manufacturers in India, we aim at offering the best services to our client and as far as transformer repair and maintenance services are concerned we have hired the experts in the field to offer satisfactory services to our clients. This is the reason why we have been listed amongst the leading transformer repair companies in Noida, India.

ABC transformers, is one of the most trusted names when it comes to repairing and re-engineering faulty transformers of all kinds. We have an experience of decades that has helped us to develop and emerge as the leading choice for transformer repair and other maintenance services. Our experts have repaired transformers ranging from 10 KVA to 40,000 KVA (40 MVA) in up-to 132 kV voltage class.

Trained specialists take care of all repairs

Transformers are used for various different purposes and due to the ever-increasing dependence on various electrical equipment and appliances, there has been a constant need for new and better transformers that are corrosion resistant and can bear all kinds of loads, however, some transformers can wear out and get damaged over time due to excessive load. Transformers are highly expensive and you can't simply dismantle them if they get damaged. In such cases, you need a trained specialist who knows about all the specifications and can easily repair the transformer at lowest possible rates. ABC transformers, is a hub for such specialists.

Transformers play a very crucial role in electrical energy supply networks. Although they are created with very high efficiency to bear all kinds of loads, sometimes failures may arise due to a short circuit on the power grid and this can reduce the lifespan of the transformer. The transformers can also wear out over the span of time and this may lead to the need of replacing some of the existing components with new and better models.

ABC Transformers offer Reconditioning

It is not always necessary to get the transformer repaired only when it is damaged. Rather you can also opt for reconditioning that helps to minimize the chances of failure and do not cause a dent in your pocket. We offer cleaning and other maintenance services as well which also adds to the life of the transformer.

We not only excel in transformer repairing but also their modification as per the specifications of the clients. Our services are quite cheap and at par with excellence. We use high-quality gadgets and equipment that enable our experts to perform their job with higher efficiency. We offer a wide array of services to suit the needs of our clients and offer quality services. We strongly believe in reusing and recycling and this is the reason why we resort to the use of the old components where ever possible and replace only those that have been damaged beyond repair.

We strictly abide by the use of high-quality components that guarantee longevity and better performance. Getting a transformer repaired can be quite expensive as it involves a higher degree of specialisation but we are at ABC Transformers offer the services at very low prices as we believe in developing a very bond with our clients.

Workshops are always available

We have our own specialised workshop where the damage transformers are repaired using equipment based on the latest technological advancements. We also offer pickup and delivery services to our clients as it can become very difficult to carry such transformers from one place to another and any kind of mishandling on the way can permanently damage it. Our workers have been trained to handle the transformers with utmost care making sure they are safely delivered to the clients.

The services that we offer include curing ovens and Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) facilities for vacuum drying. This is extremely important as the cellulose that is used for the purpose of insulation has a tendency of retaining moisture which gets mixed with the oil and disrupts the insulating mechanism of the transformer by deteriorating its insulation parameters. Such transformers are repaired using vacuum a technique that helps to dry out all the unnecessary moisture and the repaired transformers are then again filled with oil under vacuum.


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