Due to diverse loading duties arising in transmission and distribution network, the voltage is always fluctuating and never constant which is a huge problem as it leads to a loss in substantial electrical energy and also damages the electrical and electronic appliances. A normal transformer is built to step down the voltage from high to low and it does not deal with the problem of fluctuating voltage which is why the HT-AVR or High Tension-Automatic Voltage Regulators are made, that is, to deal with the irregularities in the voltage.

What is High Tension Automatic Voltage Regulator?

High Tension Automatic Voltage Regulator or built-in AVR is the high tension stabilizers whose job is to protect the electrical and electronic devices and appliances from getting damaged due to fluctuating voltage and also to conserve energy by supplying a stable and continuous input voltage. We at ABC Transformers, manufacture a wide range of HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators.

How does HT-AVR manages high Voltage?

The amount of voltage that is received does not make that much of a difference when HT-AVR is used to stabilize the fluctuating voltage and the best thing about these regulators is that they not only stabilize the input voltage and protect the electronic devices by regulating the voltage but also prevents the transformer from irregular and fluctuating voltage which not only increases the efficiency of the transformer but also its life expectancy. It has a long service life and saves a lot of space. Not only that, but it also helps in saving a lot of money by helping to reduce the electricity bill and because of its lower installation costs. High-quality voltage stabilizer serves an important purpose that is why it is used in various commercial as well as industrial applications. ABC Transformers provide the best automatic voltage regulator for home and for commercial purpose as well.

Because standard transformers fail to regulate the voltage in ‘on load’ condition and they only correct limited voltage variations, the only way to solve this issue is to install an HT AVR transformer which is highly efficient and effective. The transformer works in a way that it provides constant stabilized voltage output even though the input voltage that is received is fluctuating and irregular as a built-in AVR is a combination of Step-Down Transformer and HT AVR. It offers ratings up-to 5000 kVA. The voltage class that is offered is 8-12kV, 9-12kV, 9.5-12kV, 28-35kV, 32-35 kV, or any other as specified by the clients. The output regulation remains constant and within a minimum variation of ±1% or ± 0.5%. To cool down, it either uses natural air and oil both as and when required. It has the acceptable frequency of 47-53Hz which is quite impressive. The response time that it has is 10ms which does not fail to impress you and another factor that makes this kind of transformer stand out is correction speed and which is 6-18 V per second. These transformers have an efficiency of 98% and the feature that stands out and the best thing about them is that they can be manually operated. And the fact that there is no waveform distortion also makes them stand out. Their duty cycle is also quite impressive as they can take 100% load for continuously 24 hours. The control circuit is Micro Controller based and a Plugin Card for on-line serviceability is required. The control panel has the options like Auto or Manual Mode Selection Switch Manual Output Voltage Adjustment Switch Output Voltage Adjustment knob ± 8% of the seat voltage Voltmeter Input/Output reading Selection Switch Low /High Input Indicator Output Indicator.

Latest Design

The design of the HT AVR is rather compact which makes it the most favourite among the customers. It ensures that there are minimum power losses, which obviously means that it provides better efficiency and saves a lot of electricity. It also stabilizes low input ranges to higher ratings as and when required. It is really easy to maintain and has very low maintenance cost which is a plus point. It is one of the best servo voltage stabilizers that is used for a wide range of purposes. The response time that it offers is also very low which means that it is not only efficient at what it does but also does its job in a very less time span as compared to other transformers. It is also very easy to operate and very convenient as it offers trouble and hassles free operation.


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