We at ABC transformers are constantly involved in developing and engineering a wide range of transformers fit for the individual as well as industrial usage. We design our transformer on international standards keeping in mind the recent trend of development in technology. We are one of the leading power transformer company in Noida. Our team is constantly involved in making a better experience and offering quality services to our clients, our basic idea focuses on keeping your needs in the forefront and to nurture in a long-lasting relationship.

Our Power Transformers are useful for the step up and step down applications in transmission network of higher voltages. We have an extensive background of idea and knowledge in transformers. As a power transformer manufacturer, ABC has developed an inclusive collection of power and Extra High Voltage Transformers. We have tried to design a product which works with faultlessness and exactness thus leading to perfection. We believe in quality delivery for our clients and for this, we use the best quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing facilities to give an errorless and fast output. Adding on to this we provide both high voltage power transformers and low voltage power transformers to our clients. We also supply step-up power transformer to increase voltage from primary to secondary.

High on Efficiency

Being the leading power transformer supplier, ABC transformers have strict quality norms that are followed. Under this, we have the necessary features like its high load-bearing capacity which makes it suitable for hard usage. Having a robust built, power transformers do not require extra investment and time for its maintenance thus these transformers are built with a feature of low maintenance. In case of fluctuating temperatures, it is built to withstand such issues on regular basis. The performance of these transformers is highly efficient and the product itself is quite durable. Adding to all these important features we supply our product at a very effective cost, making it a suitable choice for you in any situation.

World class & Durable products

Our product comes with many technical specifications which have been developed over time backed by decades of practice and proficiency in transformers. The range of power transformer goes up to 50 MVA i.e. 50,000kVA. The voltage classes are 33, 66, 100, 110, 132kV and it could be further changed as per the requirements of the client. We work on the international applicable standards IS2026, IEC60076, ANSI, IEEE. As a provision of cooling, we have equipped our power transformers with the ONAN system of which is the oil natural and air natural system besides this our product also comes with ONAF (oil natural air forced), there are possibilities of any changes or additions depending upon the need of the clients. We provide both indoor as well as the outdoor services. Our product works at a frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz.Vector group used by us is Dyn5 or Dyn11 which can be customized according to the customer’s needs and settings. The popular winding material used by us for power transformers is copper with multi-paper covering. For the taping range of the transformers that we manufacture we provide of the circuit and on load Tap Changers as per the client’s needs. Adding on to it, the Impedance provided is kept in line with applicable standards. Our products are developed with recent technologies and can be provided with different terminations to suit the requirements for instalments or repairs.

Striving to excel

We always strive to maintain our performance by supplying our clients with the best quality transformers all consisting of standard fittings of:

  • Earth terminals
  • Air release device
  • Rating and terminal marking plate
  • Plain oil level gauge
  • Silica gel breather
  • Drain cum sampling valve
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Oil filling hole
  • Explosion or pressure relief device
  • Lifting lugs
  • Rollers either plain or flange
  • Conservator with oil filling hole
  • Jacking pads
  • Shut off valve
  • Equalizer pipe
  • Pressed steel radiator which is detachable
  • OTI
  • WTI
  • Buchholz relay
  • MOG
  • Off circuit tap changer
  • Marshalling box
  • Inspection cover

We further have optional fittings of RTCC panel, cooling fans in case of ONAF, Air cell, Scada (compatible OTI and WTI), On load tap changer, RTD for oil, arching horns, bird guard, terminal connector and winding.


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