Today in the world of technology and especially the ever-changing inventions/ techniques, we at ABC transformer strive to work for our clients, to provide them with a high end, dependable and uninterrupted supervisory of efficient and high-end products that work with great precision and serve their purpose perfectly.

About Single Phase Transformers

Our single phase power transformer is one outcome of such dedicated developmental task; it is not only engineered by keeping in mind the technicalities but also focuses on its present ability and affordability. In the non-urban areas where electrical demands are comparatively lower than cities utilities, single phase transformers serve all the purposes and fulfil all the requirements of the people. The basic operation principle on which the single-phase transformer works is that the AC voltage source injects the AC current all the way through the primary transformer winding.

What does single phase transformer consists of?

The single stage transformer contains two windings, one on essential and the other on the optional side. They are for the most part utilized in the single-stage electrical power framework. Our product comes with dual inward and outward coils known as primary and secondary coils respectively, which work at different voltages. The winding is around the hard iron core which works to prevent excess loss of energy during conduction, thus making our product very energy efficient. Our decades of knowledge and excellence in the study and development of transformers has given us the grip and command on this technology and upcoming developments as well. The primary coil in our product works to change the incoming electric current into magnetic fields which pass through the core and the secondary coil works here to get that high voltage alternating magnetic field into electric current and supply it as per the required voltage to the client in the respective settings. Our Single phase power transformers are always preferred under smaller loads instead of three-phase power transformer due to its cost efficiency and less dependability on the extreme need of power.

Durable & User friendly Design

Our single phase transformers have been designed to serve the function of both the step-up transformer and step down transformer. We also provide the 1 phase isolation transformer which efficiently works in the 1:1 ratio between its primary and secondary windings to protect the setting, installed areas and secondary circuits from any kind of injury and electric shock between the energized conductor and earth ground. We at ABC transformers supply 1 phase transformers which utilize the single phase alternating current and rely on the voltage cycle that operates in a single unified time. Adding on to this we have the single phase ac transformers which are analyzed using the alternating current magnetic study along with thermal analysis to efficiently calculate the core loss and magnetic flux density of the current. Our single phase transformers are manufactured with preinstalled winding machines which have both the single core as well as the stack core to contribute in the excellence of its performance for the client pool.

High ratings

We offer our clients an inclusive range of single-phase transformers. The ratings of our transformers range up to 16-150kVA which makes it a suitable option for heavy usage. The voltage class that is usually required is 6.35, 11, 15, 20, 33 kV, besides these other ranges will be available as per the requirements. We manufacture our transformers under the applicable standards of IS1180, IS 2026, IEC 60076. We mainly resort to the ONAN system of cooling which works on the oil Natural Air natural system. We tend to provide the indoor and outdoor services to the clients depending upon their needs and setting. The average frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz is used which is usually provided which can be customized. We have a vector group of Iio but customization and changes can be easily provided when asked for. The popular winding material used by us for distribution transformers is copper or aluminium. Impedance thus provided is kept in line with applicable standards. Our transformers are developed with modern technologies and can be provided with different terminations to suit the necessities for new fitting or replacement. We give the option of customization to our clients to let them add on to model.


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