We at ABC transformers are continuously concerned with providing our client-ship with the best quality transformer service which is reliable in every situation. ABC transformer is a major name in distribution transformer manufacturers in India. Our product is tested on various parameters and manufactured with the use of efficient qualitative material for its proficient functionality.

Our motto

The very base of ABC transformers is to maintain lifetime connectivity to its clients thus your satisfaction is our first priority. Just like Schneider distribution transformer, the distribution transformer provided by us is very energy efficient and durable able to withstand extreme voltage pressures. We supply 50kva distribution transformer and 100kva distribution transformers as a perfect solution for any kind of setting or simply as an energy efficient option. Our dry-type distribution transformers are highly reliable and very safe. From the various pools of transformers, dry type transformers are a type of step down transformers mainly used in electric power distribution. It is used in both individuals as well as industrial settings. Filled with insulating oil the transformer has an advantage due to its small size.

The product comes with a low risk of flammability which makes it ideal for any critical situation. The oil cooled distribution transformers are a very cost-effective solution to the needs of our clients.

Global standards

We design our transformers as per the internationally recognized standards which makes it the best choice for heavy usage with complete peace of mind. Keeping in mind the familiar needs, ABC transformers has added the following features to benefit its clientship. To keep the trust maintained we keep a longer service life with high energy efficiency. The materials used are genuine and highly resistant against corrosion. At ABC transformers, presentation equally matters to us, hence we make sure the transformers manufactured have a fine finish with high reliability in the sense of performance as well as externally. Adding to this comes our highly competitive pricing which is rare to find in the market with so many diverse services. We work to give our clients a holistic experience which at no point disappoints them as client satisfaction is our foremost priority.

No hassle service

Our service has an inclusive range of distribution transformers. The ratings of our transformers range up to 5000kVA which makes it a suitable option for heavy usage. The voltage class that is usually required is 6.6, 11, 15, 20, 33kV besides these other ranges will be available as per the requirements. We manufacture our transformers under the applicable standards IS 1180, IS 2026, IEC 60076. There is mainly the ONAN system of cooling system used which works on the oil Natural Air natural system. We tend to provide the indoor and outdoor services to the clients depending upon their needs and setting. The average frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz is used and a vector group we use is Dyn5 or Dyn11 which is usually provided which can be customized. The popular winding material used by us for distribution transformers is copper or aluminium. As per the client’s needs, we provide off the circuit and on load Tap Changers for the taping range of the transformers we provide. Impedance thus provided is kept in line with applicable standards. Our transformers are developed with modern technologies and can be provided with different terminations to suit the necessities for new fitting or replacement.

We guarantee to keep the level through the utilization of standard fittings such as the two earthing terminals, air release device, and breather. Adding to this we also design our transformers with oil level gauge, drain cum sampling valve, oil filling hole, thermometer pocket, lifting lude, explosion vent device, filter valve, arching horns and off circuit tap charger which are the basic parts of a good transformer. Besides the standard fittings, we also give various pools of options to our clients which could be customized as per the needs. The optional fittings thus provided are bird guards, OTI (oil temperature indicator), WTI (winding temperature indicator), terminal connector, Buchholz Relay which is used in protecting the transformer from internal faults, MOG (magnetic oil level gauge), on load Tap Changer, HT/LT Breaker and Expulsion fuse.


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