The products that are made at ABC Transformers are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the clients and are fit for a wide range of usage which may be at an individual or industrial levels. The transformers are designed keeping in mind the recent trends and developments in the technology. Various clients order various kinds of transformers and it is the role of manufacturers to make sure that the clients are satisfied and that is what we do here at ABC Transformers. We provide the goods and services that are not only efficient but also affordable and convenient for the client.

About Amorphous Transformer

The amorphous transformer is the kind of transformer that is energy efficient and found on electrical grids. We at ABC transformers have focused on developing the amorphous core transformer that is energy efficient and the advantage of it being energy efficient is that it achieves very low no-load losses. It has a magnetic core that comprises offer magnetic amorphous metal alloyed and a glass former In the iron core of the amorphous transformer an amorphous alloy is used which has been seen to reduce the impact on the global environment by significantly improving electrical characteristics and reducing energy loss. The transformer with an amorphous core is highly electrically efficient. The special feature of amorphous transformers is that the materials that are used in the in the amorphous core transformers are highly magnetically susceptible, have a low coercivity and high electrical resistance.

Our efforts

We, amorphous transformer manufacturers, ABC Transformers have set up state of the art plant for manufacturing Core Transformers which has been proven to be most beneficial thus far.

Ratings of the amorphous transformers range from single phase 16 kVA to 150 kVA. The transformer is provided for various voltage classes as per the requirements of the customers and therefore the transformer will have different voltage class according to the requirements and needs of the clients which are taken into consideration and are of utmost importance. 25 kVA – 1000 kVA 6.6, 11, 15, 20, 33 k are the main general voltage class configurations that are mostly used and these can change according to the requirement of the client. This makes ABC Transformers one of the best manufacturers in the country and one of the best amorphous transformers suppliers in Delhi undoubtedly.

We offer global standard

There are various applicable standards that are used in the manufacturing of the transformers and the ones that the ABC Transformers specialises in are IS1180, IS 2026, IEC 60076. The transformers operate 24 hours a day and that too without stopping which makes them undergo certain losses of electricity and that loss is then divided into two different categories i.e the losses that are caused by the load on the transformer during the use of electricity which is called load losses and the losses that are caused regardless of whether a load is present which are called no-load losses and also known as standby electricity. ONAN which stands for Oil Natural Air Natura is the cooling method that is used for cooling the transformers. This is very important as the cooling that is provided by air is not sufficient for the transformers especially the ones that are medium sized and in such cases, oil is used for the purpose of cooling it down as a coolant. This is the most commonly used cooling method and in this method helps to cool down the heat that is produced in the core and winding by immersing them in insulating oil.

Usage of Amorphous Transformers

Amorphous transformers can be used indoors as well outdoors which is the major advantage of these kinds of transformers and precisely the reason so many people are opting for these kinds of transformers. The frequency of this type of transformer is usually 50 Hz and 60 Hz and the vector group that is used is Dyn5 / Dyn11 or any other if that is the requirement and need of the client. The winding material that is used is either copper or aluminium and the taping range is off the circuit. Impedance is provided in line with the applicable standards as ABC Transformers is a reliable name in the market of transformers.


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