ABC transformer is a chief manufacturer of servo stabilizer transformers in Noida, India. We believe in optimal efficiency and excellence in service for our clients. We are a leading name in servo voltage stabilizer suppliers of India and also provide the best servo stabilizer price in Delhi thus making our product the best option to opt for. Primarily our services are always available to keep up with the efficiency and safety mechanism of our products. We have engineered our servo voltage stabilizer to current a wide range of input fluctuations in order to maintain a particular output. This feature makes it an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. With a specified output, regulation is unaffected by the power factor and the waveform of the output voltage is absolutely distortion free. We design our product with automatic voltage regulators to keep it convenient for our clients.

Types of Stabilizers manufactured by ABC Transformers

We manufacture two varieties of servo voltage stabilizer:

  • One being the rolling contact type voltage controller
  • Other is the dimmer (or variac) type voltage stabilizer

We also provide our clients with three phase servo stabilizer for heavy usage. Adding to these there are home servo stabilizer as well as digital servo stabilizers to enhance the overall experience as well as work as per the suitability of our client. Whatever might be the need ABC strives to make solutions for each problem that you have. Be it the individual use or heavy industrial functions we are there to make your experience better. We are constantly dedicated to designing high-quality products with excellent performance and incorporated with the latest art technologies. We have used the best quality materials to manufacture our product in order to deliver accurate voltage under any condition of the low, high or unbalanced voltage supply. There is no case of overloading with our excellent quality. We give an option of customization to our clients as per their needs and requirements this service adds on to the standard model.

High Quality Products

Our product works up to the ratings of 5000kVA. The functional voltage class is 200-480 V, 240 – 480 V, 280 – 480 V, 300-480 V, 320-480V and further changes and additions are made as per the needs of our clients. We have a good output regulation of ±1%. We use natural air or oil as the cooling material for servo voltage stabilizer. Our product works on a frequency range of 47-53Hz with a correction speed of 9-30V per second. The most suitable response time is 10ms this with the above-mentioned features give it an efficiency of more than 98%. As an additional facility, there is manual operation when needed. There is an absence of waveform distortions. A major feature is its 24 hours duty cycle with 100% load. The control circuit installed is equipped with microcontroller based and has a plug in card for on-line serviceability. There is a selection option of auto or manual mode selection switch, manual output voltage adjustment switch with output voltage ± 8 % of the voltage voltmeter on input and output reading selection switch with low or high input indicator in our control panel. With the standard fittings, we let our clients choose from a pool of optional fittings to have the best service experience from our part. There are high/low cut off, single phase preventers, reverse phase protection, short circuit protection, overload protection for adding on to the safety feature of our product. There are bypass system and self-lubricating carbon roller assemblies with working life of 1 lakh track meters making it effective in every situation.


Our decades of expertise and knowledge in the works of power product manufacturing and supply has given us tremendous knowledge and helped us in making our product stand out. Our servo voltage stabilizers come to you with various advantages. These are equipped with a controlled and constant voltage. The electrical equipment has a reduced failure rate and reduced downtime. We also care about our environment and thus always strive to make products which require the least amount of energy. So, our servo voltage stabilizer consumes up-to 10% less energy as compared to other stabilizers. This product will improve the power factor and MDI and also helps to greatly minimize the chances of fires due to accidents.


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