What is Inverter Duty Transformer?

Inverter duty transformers are a kind of power transformers and are used to transfer electrical energy without changing frequency. And the reason that this is called an inverter transformer is quite obvious which is that these kinds of transformers are usually used in the inverters. As the inverter converts direct current to alternating current at a lower voltage, this kind of transformer is used to step up this voltage to a higher value as that is what electrical equipment or appliances generally require. We specifically design inverter duty transformer for Wind and Solar Energy Applications and provide them with multiple windings on the primary side of the transformer which enhances their performance by enabling them to connect multiple inverters to the grid. We also provide Earth Shield between the HV and LV windings whose purpose is to reduce harmonic and path to ground residual resonance.

Competitive Pricing at ABC Transformers

A furnace usually requires a transformer as it usually uses voltage other than standard commercial power. It does not matter whether it is for home or for industrial use, the requirements of a furnace are different and the furnace transformer is specifically designed to fulfill those requirements. This is done by changing the voltage of the input power to a different voltage for use within the furnace. There are severe conditions that usually accompany the metallurgical steel melt process which is rather extreme and this transformer is specifically designed to withstand that. While designing the wide-ranging secondary voltages and high secondary current are kept in mind. Other Furnace transformers suppliers offer them at a price that is higher than ours and we provide them at a competitive price and make sure that the requirements and needs of the customers are fulfilled.

Offering different configuration

Converter duty transformers are very durable and have hassle-free use. Voltage converter transformer is commonly used in VSDs, traction substations, copper refining, aluminium electrolysis etc. We offer converter duty transformers whose rectifier loads can be connected to one or more secondary windings which are the desired feature that makes them stand out. The converter duty transformers that we have to offer are suitable for 3 Pulse / 6 Pulse / 12 Pulse / 18 Pulse drive configuration.

Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer isolates the powered device from the power source which is done for the safety purposes. This type of transformer transfers electrical power from a source of Alternating Current and are mostly used for decoupling two circuits. We make isolation transformers that offer protection against switching power supplies, electrical noise, transverse voltage as well as voltage disturbances and help protect sensitive equipment such as CNC machines from the voltage transients, spikes/surges produced in the system. Power isolation transformer and High voltage isolation transformer are recommended to be used in situations that require a higher load to be transferred. We also offer a step down isolation transformer.

Benefits of Isolation Transformers

Packaged substations ensure the high operation reliability. These kinds of transformers are safer to use as the people operating them do not have to engage directly and that is why they are suitable for buildings and industries. Substations are used to effectively distribute power in medium to low voltage. We provide substations that are compact and install them in places and in a way that they are easily accessible to operate and ensure maximum protection and safety. A packaged substation usually has three compartments that are HT Compartment (RMU, VCB, Load Break Switches), Transformer Compartment (Dry or Oil Cooled transformer) and LT Compartment (ACB, MCCB, Fuse Unit, APFC).

The products that ABC Transformers has to offer are not limited to a particular kind and we have a wide array of transformers that clients can choose from according to their needs and requirements. The transformers that we provide are offered at a competitive price and are always on par with what the competitors have to offer. We aim to please the customer and therefore make the transformers as per the specific instructions that are given by them. Making customer-specific and customer friendly transformers is a rare thing that we do.


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