There are various kinds of transformers that are manufactured and all of them have specific features that are unique to them. Dry type transformers are those that do not require a liquid like silicone or oil to cool down the electrical core and coils and are air cooled instead. These transformers are used in areas that are highly populated. These kinds of transformers mainly remain indoors and are especially suited for areas that are damp and contaminated. ABC Transformers: working for clients

Dry type transformer manufacturer, ABC Transformers, uses insulation that is F (Fiber) or H (NOMEX) class. Insulation is used either with or without enclosure as per the requirements of the clients. ABC Transformers give utmost priority to the satisfaction of every client and that is precisely why client specific services are provided to ensure that the clients receive the maximum benefit and derive maximum satisfaction. The transformers that we make are designed in the way that they occupy less space and yet work more efficiently as compared to other transformers as they are also designed in a way that they generate less heat. The components that are used are the best in quality and are made according to the requirements of the customers and fulfilling the specifications that are provided by the clients.

Outdoor Dry Type Transformer & Voltage Dry Type Transformer

Just like Schneider dry type transformer we also provide outdoor dry type transformer and voltage dry type transformer. The ratings of dry-type transformers are up-to 2500kVA. The voltage class that is usually required is 3.3, 6.6, 11 kV Class, but if any other class is required then that is also provided. The applicable standards for the dry type of transformers are IS 11171 and IEC60726. There are two ways of cooling and they are natural and forced specifically called AN – Air Natural, AF- Air Forced. The services that are provided include indoor, IP 23 and any other according to the requirements of the client. The frequency that is generally used is Dyn5 / Dyn11 and if any other frequency is required that is also provided. Dyn5 / Dyn11 or any other vector group that is required is used in the transformer. Dyn5 / Dyn11 or any other phase that is required is used accordingly with F Class / H Class or any other IEC required. Copper or aluminium winding material is used according to the demand of the customer and need of the clients. Off circuit or on load tap changers are used and the taping range that is provided is as per the customer specifications whereas impedance is provided in line with applicable standards. The life expectancy of this kind of transformer depends upon the fact whether there has been an overload or not as winding insulation sometimes breaks down when there is a rise in the temperature due to overloading.

Advantages of Dry Type Transformers

There are various advantages of having dry type transformers.

These kinds of transformers are easier to maintain as compared to other transformers.

  • Are far less dangerous as there are very low chances of them catching fire or exploding as there are no flammable liquids which makes them safe for property and people as well and even in case of seismic events the performance that they provide is incomparable and excellent.
  • These transformers are environment-friendly and have excellent resistance to short circuit with mechanical strength.
  • These are immune to pollution and offer moisture ingress resistance.
  • They are easier to maintain and therefore much friendly on the pocket in the longer run, this is precisely the reason that they are people’s choice.
  • They have insulation that is void free.
  • The main advantage is that there is no fluctuation in the temperature.
  • These also cause much less pollution and are also much easy to install as compared to other transformers.

ABC Transformers makes their products according to the needs, wishes and requirements of the customers which makes them the best dry type transformer suppliers as compared to other companies and also makes them stand out. ABC Transformers provide the transformers that are not only fulfilling all requirements but are also extremely reliable.


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