What Is The Difference Between The Dry Typed And Oil Filled Transformers?

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Nowadays due to the indispensable role played by transformers, we all require transformers in our mundane work as well. They are basically needed to transform the high voltage electricity into a lower voltage. Thus, transformers are must-haves in places like schools, offices, colleges or factories where low voltage energy is used. Therefore, you may be perplexed about the type of transformer required. This blog is going to give you deep insights on which type of transformer will be suitable for your requirements.

In a market basically, two types of transformers are available – one is dry type transformers and the other one is oil cooled type transformers, although their purpose is same still they vary. So let’s begin discussing which transformer is better among both and which one is suitable for your needs.

The dry type transformer manufacturers uses as a cooling agent whereas, in oil-cooled type transformers, a special liquid is used for the same.

Maintenance: If we talk about dry type, they hardly need any maintenance as they keep chemical contamination at bay due to its resistance virtue. On the other hand, Oil- cooled transformers need periodic maintenance for its smooth functioning or else you will have to bear uncertain breakdowns and other overhead expenses. It is usually done in professional centers where oil samples are collected doe testing if it has contamination and the amount of contamination it holds.

Costs: The operating loss in dry type transformers are huge and it also has a shorter product life span compared to oil filled transformers. Moreover, oil-based transformers contain standard energy efficiency which consequently leads to longer product durability.

Noise: Dry type transformers produce higher noise which results in annoying noise pollution in contrast to oil cooled transformers.

Recyclability: The number of times dry type transformers can be recycled is quite limited due to heavy maintained whereas oil-based units possess an easier coil reclamation which aids in producing less wastage and better operating fewer. Thus it requires fewer replacements.

Efficiency: The dry type transformers are constructed in larger units and they have limited size and voltage thus, are vulnerable to overheating in case of high load which further explains that might cause frequent electrical losses. However, if we talk about oil based transformers are easy to maintain and are more environment-friendly. In addition to it, such transformers are highly efficient due to smaller units.  

Voltage Capabilities: If you require to install transformers for small or medium voltage fluctuations, voltage dry type transformers are ideal in this situation as they are made in a way that can withstand small to medium voltage currents like in case of small appliances. But supposing there is a need for sustaining heavy industrial machinery then you should opt for oil cooled transformers that can easily bear high voltage loads.

Location: Location is an important factor in determining the kind of transformer needed. In case of indoor situations like shopping malls residential or hospitals where there is the provision of fire extinguisher, dry type transformers are used but in case of outdoor locations, oil cooled transformers are used as it may have a risk of spilling oil. Moreover, oil cooled transformers are considered to be the most environmentally friendly. However, there are outdoor dry type transformers also available in market but in case of larger voltage requirement, people generally use oil based transformers in outdoor setting.

Considering all the above attributes of each type of transformers we can simply conclude that oil cooled transformers are better in terms of lower noise pollution, more environment-friendly, reduced operational expenses, greater efficiency, and recyclability. However, due to the risk of oil leakage, it is not safe to use anywhere. Hence, dry transformers in India are incorporated for indoor as well as co commercial locations due to the kind of safety it provides.

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