What Is Compact Sub-Station?

compact substations manufacturer in India

Compact Substations are generally used in public areas like metro cities; construction sites to transmit high voltage power to low voltage. It is ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor usage. Moreover, to make it convenient it is mounted over wheels or a channel that facilitates ease in transportation. A compact substation is factory ready and therefore, it minimizes time as well cost of installation. Conversely, it is enclosed with MV switchgear, transformer & LV switch gears. It contains three distinct compartments each segregated with partitions to ensure safety. According to substation manufacturers India, This compact yet modular substation is the most feasible solution for developing as well as developed cities due to its inherent characteristics. It is also known as package or unitized substations.

Due to evolving technology, electrical substation transformers have undergone immense changes. Today, we need substations that are portable and should be cost effective and time efficient. Thus compact substations manufactures integrate supreme design and other features like:-

  • Factory ready installation
  • Requires less space
  • Ease of access
  • Cost-effective
  • Avoid difficulty in field assembly of critical components
  • Minimizes handling cost
  • Easy to function.
  • Due to different compartments, it enhances safety.
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • The transformer is a dry type or oil cooled
  • The package substation manufacturers highlight on building optimum design for facilitating cooling and preventing over-heating.
  • Minimal wiring.

Salient features of MV Switchgear:-

• Voltage sustained up to 12KV, 630A ring switches, 250A Tee-off CB.

 • SF6 insulated ring switch that comes with a vacuum circuit breaker.

• Protection with Time Limit Fuse due to self/auxiliary powered relay.

 •Hi-tech safety because of fully interlocked protection with padlocking facilities.

•Ease in understanding as its provided with a single line mimic diagram for simple and safe operation.

• Separate indicators for Voltage presence & earth faults.

Salient features of Transformer:-

• A comprehensive range of transformers up to 1000kVA.

• High output due to power saving mechanism therebyminimizing losses

• Dry or sealed type.

 • Plug-in bushings.

• Separate Off-load tap changer.

 • Indications of winding temperature and oil monitoring relay.

Salient features of LV switchboard

• Solid busbars are placed, direct from transformers.

 • Circuit switching by employing Moulded Case Circuit Breakers protection.

• MCCB type of incomer up to 1600A.

 • MCCB type of outgoing feeders up to 400A.

• Feeder terminals are suitable for both Cu/Al.

• Current transformers for measuring power metering.


• It is built from 2 to 3 mm hot-dipped zinc coated mild steel for longer durability.

• Coated with electrostatic Polyester powder paint.

• Finished with standard paint coating.

 • In-build natural ventilation in each compartment for cooling purposes.

• Double skin roof to reduce heating by solar radiation.

• Heavy duty lockable compartment doors for extra safety.

• Lifting by forklift or crane possible.

 • Usage of IP34D for the HV & LV compartment.

 •Usage of IP22D for the transformer compartment.

• Ideal for outdoor installation.

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