What are Single Phase and Three Phase Connection?

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Before beginning to understand what is single phase and three phase’s connection, it is imperative to know that all the electric wires possess current that flows and lit up electrical devices, say bulbs or lights. Basically, the flow of current that electricity board discharges is Alternating current often known as AC.

The alternating electric current that serves your home can be distributed via different types of connection: one or two wires: known as single-phase connection Three to four wires: known as three-phase connection.

In a single-phase connection, an alternating current is passed through a single wire where one is power wire & another is neutral wire in comparison to a three-phase system, where three wires are required to alternate current. Standard supply range in India for single phase with two wires is 230 volts and in three-phase supply is 415 Volt through four wires in the residential areas.

The basic difference between the two is that a three-phase connection can handle the massive load while a single-phase cannot. Although, three-phase connection comes with its own price so for occasion usage another option can be three-phase transformer on rent as there is a lot of transformers rental service in India, you can avail the connection at a cheaper price.

 Benefits of three-phase connection over single phase connection:-

  • It is ideal for buildings that are equipped with powerful machines or an elevator that functions on three-phase systems. It can carry three times as much power.
  • Greater power density.
  • Easier to balance loads.
  • Minimizing shocks from current.
  • Reducing the number of neutral wires needed.
  • Low power conversion cost.
  • Cost efficient and Cost-effective in the case of transformers.

The most vital benefit of a three-phase connection is that it provides the flexibility to split the load among three different phases. For an instance, if there are three Air Conditioners, then each can be configured on one of the phases, thus not putting hefty load on any one phase. In a scenario where one of the phases setbacks, due to a fault at the supply point, the other two phases keep rolling so this prevents complete disruption of the setup. So in your house, if you have three rooms linked to each phase, then even if one phase fall short from the electricity supply point,  only one room will suffer due to no electricity, while other two will continue running.

Well to detect which type of the connection is available at your home, you can check if single phase connection is flowing into your electrical service panel then you will observe a black or red ‘live’ wire & a blue neutral wire. On the other hand, if its three-phase connection, three or four wires will be placed into your electrical panel then you will witness three ‘live’ wires: black, red, brown or grey and a blue ‘neutral’ wire.

An important myth that people hold is that if you have air conditioners than you need to have three -phase which is completely wrong because of all ACs have specialized motors formulated to run on single-phase. But in situations, where you have more than three ACs that run simultaneously, then you may go for a three-phase connection cause of a strong voltage supply may be needed so in case of a lot of substantial appliances in a house, then you might opt for a the three-phase connection. The three-phase connection comes for an extra cost, so the user should analyze if the three-phase connection is actually needed.

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