Power Transformer Maintenance: Do’s & Don’ts

Power Transformer Maintenance Company in India

A power transformer is a static electrical device that has a coil wrapped around an electromagnet, which is used to transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits. It transfers electrical energy in parts of the electronic circuit, mainly between the primary circuits and the generator.  These transformers are utilized in the distribution systems to step up or step down the voltage level of the supply which is fed to its primary winding. The process of stepping down and stepping up depends upon the number of turns of primary and secondary winding.  Based on their range, power transformers can be characterized into three kinds – small, medium and large power transformers. There are number of types of transformers like electrical power transformer, distribution transformer, single phase, three phase, auto, instrument, indoor and outdoor transformers. An electrical power transformer is the most common type of transformer.

Transformers can be classified into high voltage power transformers and low voltage power transformers. High voltage power transformers are mainly designed to step down the high voltage as per the commercial or industrial requirements. Usually these are used in power transmission applications where the voltage needs to be sufficiently high. These may also present a safety hazard. A low voltage power transformer helps to handle the household instruments, right from your door bell to air conditioning systems. It produces a low voltage and safe electrical feed.

There are a number of power transformer suppliers and companies in India. These power transformers manufacturers and suppliers, produce high grade raw material which is shipped worldwide for industrial and commercial use.

Power transformer companies in India often work towards engineering reliable and energy efficient products. The quality and manufacturing of the products has been continuously upgrading to meet the needs of customers. Servokon Transformers, Universal Power Transformers Pvt. Ltd., Urja Techniques, Prinx Transformers and Electric Company Pvt. Ltd, are few of the power transformer companies in India giving a worldwide transformer manufacturing service.

A transformer is an expensive but an essential piece of equipment.  Even though they are subjected to several stressors, their life expectancy is around 30 years. Eventually, if not taken proper care of, a transformer can deteriorate to the point that it must be replaced. Hence, regular maintenance is necessary in order to be able to perform smoothly.

Since transformers emit a large amount of voltage, it is important to keep in mind few safety precautions.  In cases where these safety precautions are not followed, an emergency shutdown or a system break down can easily put your life in jeopardy.

Do’s of power transformer maintenance:

1. Before you install your transformer, it is very important to check for any unsuitable or broken power cords or cables, burning smell and extra or loose parts.

2. Extra care needs to be taken with loose parts of the transformer like nuts, bolts, tools, wires so that they don’t fall into the transformer.

3. It is important to frequently examine your transformer to cut back on any system failure or breakdown.

4. One should always be aware of system overloading. In order to stop system overloading, multiple transformers should be used instead of relying on only one transformer.

5. Put a caution sign that people will notice right away. That will prevent unqualified individuals from executing maintenance on the transformer.

6. Make sure that your transformer is always grounded. Grounding will remove any static charge which would otherwise get collected.

Don’ts of power transformer maintenance:

1. Do not keep your transformer in wet or damp areas. Always make sure it in a dry area free from moisture.

2. Do not alter the transformers over current protection. Altering the over current protection of circuits and conductors can present a safety hazard. IT should be maintained at the correct level as per the equipment standards.

3. Do not work with the transformer without the protection equipment made specifically for the output voltage of the transformer.

4. Do not work with the apparatus when it is still switched on. Make sure the apparatus is shut down and the power is off. This will prevent any injuries due to electrical leakage.

5. Do not ignore minor problems with your transformer. If you ever start to doubt or witness any irregularity with the functioning, take time to thoroughly inspect it.

If the procedure is followed correctly and regular checks are conducted, the efficiency of the equipment will be increased. It will also save the astronomical cost that comes with repairing the apparatus in the later stages rather than in the early ones. Some power transformer companies also provide regular scheduled maintenance services to assess the condition, and provide a safe and trouble free operation.

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