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Package Substation

There are various types of substations available in India like electrical substation transformer, compact substation manufacturers but in this blog, we will be discussing Package substation. Package substation primarily comprises of the ring main unit, the transformer and the low voltage panel.

 Off course it can be tailor-made from the wide array of choices available in the market like:-

  • Voltage range of transformers from 200kVA to 3MVA
  • Availability of extensible as well as non-extensible Ringmaster range MV switchgear
  • LV SAIF and shielded fuse gear, thus providing low voltage distribution as well
  • LV ACB and MCCB feeder pillars and cabinet
  • Semi or fully Automated with monitoring systems


  • Reduces overhead expenses by avoiding the usage of costly cables.
  • Since it can be delivered as a single unit, it aids in improving logistics.
  • It is a safe option due to direct and controlled factory assembly of switchgear onto the transformer.
  • One point of contact.
  • Directly mounted switchgear, thereby preventing risks of accidents.

These package substations are ranges up to 24KV. The fully furnished package substation (PSS), comprises of outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage transformer, low voltage panel. It is a value addition equipment for supplying power distribution requirements. The factory ready self-contained package substation is a power pack solution for uncertain weather conditions. Moreover, the site work required is quite minimum.

Talking about the outer body of Enclosure, the substation manufacturers of India uses Galvanized sheet steel in corrugated type design for proper heat transmission. The body of enclosure is painted with epoxy based powder paint making it effective for outdoor installations. Separate doors are provided for each compartment along with the padlocking system, as a result making the entire system extra safe. Illumination of each compartment is sorted by fittings of door operated lamp. For yet additional safety, the transformer compartment doors are equipped with arc reflectors.

Another compartment i.e. Medium Voltage (MV) switchgear compartment has the provision of C&S made SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit.

The distribution transformer is furnished with a well-executed design as it has provision for proper ventilation openings for air flow that helps to keep the transformer cool. The compartment is equipped with a pressure relief system consolidated into the ceiling. To avoid the entry of any sort of small animals or insects a floor mesh detailing is also provided on an optional basis. The interesting part about these compartments are that they are suitable for both Oil immersed and Dry type transformers.

Package substation manufacturers advise taking a periodic and maintenance plan to avoid the risk of plant downtime and other possible complications.

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