How Do High Voltage Transformers Work?

Power Transformers

There are many kinds of transformers and all of them have specific features that vary. High voltage transformers, for example, are mainly used for converting voltages or phase configuration. They usually convert voltages from a higher level to a lower level. Usually, such transformers have a single-phase and are core type. In this kind of transformers, magnetic induction is used between the coils to convert voltage and current levels both or either of them. A high voltage transformer can serve both single-phase and three-phase load however, single-phase configuration is however the primary setting. Generally, a high voltage transformer is oil-immersed.

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High voltage transformers can additionally have features like:

  • Electrical isolation,
  • Power distribution,
  • Control and instrumentation applications

Single-phase primary configurations include single, dual, quad (2+2), 5-lead and ladder out of which ladder is the least inexpensive primary configuration. Three-phase transformers usually use delta and wye configurations. The primary winding of the wye-delta transformer would be connected in a wye and its secondary winding would be connected in a delta. And primary winding of the delta-wye transformer would be connected in delta and its secondary winding would be connected in a wye.

Three-phase high voltage power configuration choices include:

  • delta – delta,
  • delta – wye (Y),
  • wye (Y) – wye (Y),
  • wye (Y) – delta,
  • wye (Y) – single-phase,
  • delta – single phase,
  • International

One has two output choices which include AC or DC when it comes to transformers. Chassis mount, dish or disk mount, enclosure or freestanding, h frame, and PCB mount are all various kinds of mountings that are available. Power transformers can be one of several kinds like autotransformer, control transformer, current transformer, distribution transformer, general-purpose transformer, instrument transformer, isolation transformer, potential (voltage) transformer, power transformer, step-up transformer, and step-down transformer.

It can either be constructed as a toroidal pulse transformer which typically has a copper wire wrapped around a cylindrical core so that the magnetic flux, which occurs within the coil, doesn’t leak out, the coil efficiency remains stable, and the magnetic flux has little influence on other components. Or it can be constructed as a laminated transformer that contains laminated-steel cores, reduce electrical losses and is also called E-I transformers.

Primary frequencies of an incoming voltage signal to primaries available for power transformers include the following:

  • 50 Hz which is common for European power
  • 60 Hz which is common in North American power
  • 400 Hz which is most commonly used in aerospace applications

So that it can be used for several nominal voltages, a transformer should be provided with more than one primary winding. The maximum primary input voltage rating is one of the most important parameters to consider while deciding on the transformer. Maximum secondary voltage rating, maximum secondary current rating, maximum power rating, and output type are other factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a transformer. The cost of the transformer depends on the listing of primary high power voltage windings. Its size also depends on the same.

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