Dry Type Transformer Maintenance Checklist

Dry Type Transformer Maintenance  - ABC Transformers

Handling a transformer is not an easy job. To gain its long-term benefits, it becomes important to keep a check over its condition and maintenance. The type of transformer can affect the procedure of routine maintenance. For example, the power transformer repair is not the same as that of a dry type transformer. We know this that the dry type transformers are distinct from all oil-based transformers because the former has an air filled mechanism which attracts more dust accumulation than the oil-based transformers. Here, we will be looking out how the dry type transformer can be kept checked on maintenance, majorly on routine levels because the annual testing can be handled by the professional transformer repairing services.

As we read above, the mechanism of dry type transformer makes it easy to accumulate dust which has to be cleared to avoid problems of electric short and overheating. Obviously, professionals are best at their jobs but consulting their services on a regular basis will lead to costly expenses which will impact the cost-efficiency of the dry type transformer. So, what you can do it is to clean it on yourself but with proper safety precautions at work, we sat down with a friendly expert from a well-established and experienced organization providing transformer repairs in India to provide you with the simplest version of cleaning dry type transformer from dust build-up. These are the easy steps and remember safety precautions are a must!

  • Firstly, de-energize the dry type transformer, do not do anything before the dry type transformer is completely de-energized.
  • After ensuring the complete de-energization of the dry type transformer, remove all the panels both external and internal which have accumulated dust.
  • Use a vacuum system to efficiently remove all the dust build-up, this majorly helps in cleaning small, detailed parts.
  • If some part of the dry type transformer cannot be removed or is intricately located, blow dry air into the unit, it will clean the accumulated dust.
  • Do not use any cleaning products apart from a lint-free cloth to clean the transformer.
  • Dry type transformer does not need proper cleaning every day, so when the dust is visible on the outer parts of the dry type transformer as per your subjective observations, routine dust clean up can be started.

In addition to your routine cleaning of the dry type transformer, its annual cleaning is also necessary to maintain its optimal performance. There are many types of transformer repair service which are based on client-friendly nature, they can customize their services as per your requirements. Annual cleaning of the dry type transformer can also be combined with the annual testing of the dry type transformer. This serves two important purposes. Firstly, the parts of the dry type transformer which needs repair or replacement can be worked upon with the annual testing. This not only keeps the dry type transformer upgraded but also enhance its optimal performance. Secondly, the integration of annual cleaning and annual testing of the dry type transformer cuts the total expenses which else would have been high enough if both annual cleaning and annual testing of the dry type transformer were conducted separately. This eventually increases the cost-efficiency of the dry type transformer. 

An important thing to notice at this point, do not compromise with the annual testing of dry type transformer. For instance, if you have the transformer unit in Uttar Pradesh West and some creditworthy transformer repair company in Noida can be accessed, call them for their services. Expenses on this side of the transformer’s cleaning are actually an investment with respect to the long-term life of your dry type transformer.

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