All About Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers

Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers Manufacturer India

For lower voltage requirements single phase servo stabilizers function well, however for medium to large capacity loads, one should invest in three-phase servo stabilizers. The three phase oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers can sustain 50 – 3000 KVA. It can be installed at both domestic and commercial settings like you can install it for providing to provide extensive protection to the entire Building or house or an individual industry.

Even the servo voltage stabilizer suppliers also recommend that though the initial investment in oil cooled servo stabilizer is more eventually, it will be the best thing you ever have decided because the returns will be undoubtedly much greater as compared to air-cooled types. Surely oil-cooled one’s better value for money as it doesn’t require any unnecessary maintenance cost or any overhead costs as oil doesn’t require any changes. Thus, it turns out to be cheaper in the long run. Oil-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers have longer product life cycle as compared to Air-cooled Voltage Stabilizers due to the fact that in Oil-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers all the elements are concealed in a transformer oil which helps in better dissipation of heat, thereby improving the durability of transformers by protecting it against moisture, humidity, accidental damage or dust. In addition to it, Oil-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers come with sustained overload capacity inherently when compared to Air-cooled types.

Three phased servo stabilizers are of two types:-

  • Three Phase Balanced type Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers
  • Three Phase Unbalanced type Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers

Almost all industrial units run on three-phase induction motor loads and in real factory establishment, a voltage in three phases is hardly balanced. In Servo Voltage Stabilizers, servo motor helps in the voltage regulation.

Balanced Mains – In a Balanced type servo stabilizer, incoming mains on all the three phases should not vary greater than ± 5% and load on the phases should not alter by more than 20%. These Servo Voltage Stabilizers are apt for voltage loads of pumps or motors and it efficiently regulates the voltage deviation based on any given reference phase.

Unbalanced Mains – Unbalanced Load (UMUL) type of Voltage Stabilizer serves to 100% unbalance in incoming mains and 100% unbalance in load on all phases. In this type, each phase voltage is corrected individually. It lays the most comprehensive protection and is suitable where loads are single-phase or three phases or a combination of both. It operates even if one or both phases are absent, it will still regulate the third phase. This means voltage correction on rest phases remains unaffected.

Compared to other types of servo stabilizers, three phase servo stabilizers are beneficial in terms of:

  • Higher voltage supply
  • No wave distortion
  • Higher efficiency
  • Stable voltage regulator
  • Hassle-free operation or correction
  • Managing immediate overload requirements
  • Light weighted and compact
  • Long product life span

With the growing stabilizers demands the servo stabilizer manufacturers in India, Nowadays also offers digital servo stabilizer with advanced features and functions. It offers advanced under and over-voltage protection that can be adjusted as per the customer requirement. Moreover, for protecting the electronic appliances at your home from under and overload, there are also home servo stabilizers that are available with wide options.

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