ABC Transformers is India's leading Transformer Manufacturer in Raipur.ABC’s focus on energy efficiency has enabled it to develop Transformer which help in achieving very low No Load Losses. ABC has set up state of the art plant for manufacturing Core Transformers.

Technical Specification

Ratings Single Phase: 16 kVA – 150 kVA
Voltage Class Three Phase: 25 kVA – 1000 kVA 6.6 , 11, 15 , 20 , 33 k (Other as Required)
Applicable Standards IS1180 , IS 2026, IEC 60076
Cooling ONAN - Oil Natural Air Natura
Service Indoor / Outdoor
Frequency 50 Hz , 60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn5 / Dyn11 (Other as Required)
Winding material Copper / Aluminium
Taping range Off circuit and On load Tap Changers as per customer spec.
Impedance In line with applicable standards.