Inverter Duty Transformers

These transformers are specially designed for Solar and Wind Energy Applications. These can be designed with multiple windings (3,4,5 etc) on primary side of the transformer which enables to connect multiple inverters to the grid. Earth Shield is provided between the HV & LV windings to reduce the harmonics & path to ground any residual resonance.

Furnace Transformers

We have designed these transformers specifically to withstand the exceedingly severe conditions accompanying metallurgical steel melt process. These transformers for AC Electric arc furnaces are utilized throughout the steel industry. High Secondary currents and wide range of secondary voltages are kept in mind while designing

Convertor Duty Transformers

We offer automatic convertor duty transformers that are designed for one or more secondary windings to be connected to rectifier loads. Our convertor duty transformers are suitable for 3 Pulse / 6 Pulse / 12 Pulse / 18 Pulse drive configuration.

PSS – Packaged Sub Station

These are complete substations with compact size typically installed in locations accessible to the public and ensure protection according to specified service conditions. A PSS / CSS typically has 3 compartments: HT Compartment (RMU, VCB, Load Break Switches) , Transformer Compartment (Dry or Oil Cooled transformer) and LT Compartment (ACB, MCCB, Fuse Unit, APFC).

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers are mostly used for decoupling two circuits. ABC Make isolation transformer is a protection against switching power supplies, electrical noise, transverse voltage and voltage disturbances. It helps protect your sensitive equipment like CNC machines from the voltage transients, spikes / surges produced in the system.