The final transformer in the Power distribution system that steps down the voltage to the voltage level usable at our homes / offices is called Distribution Transformer.

ABC Transformers is leading in Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in India. We manufactured our product by using qualitative material and tested on various parameters for efficient working life. This energy efficient and durable Transformers are capable of withstanding extreme voltage supply.

Our transformers are in accordance with internationally recognized standards and come with industry leading guarantees for complete peace of mind and are well known for the following features:

  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Longer service life
  • Resistance against corrosion
  • Fine-finish
  • High reliability
  • Competitive Price

We provide a comprehensive range of distribution transformers. Following is brief summary:-

Ratings Upto5000 kVA
Voltage Class 6.6 , 11, 15 , 20 , 33 kV (Other as Required)
Applicable Standards IS1180 , IS 2026, IEC 60076 ,
Cooling ONAN - Oil Natural Air Natural
Service Indoor / Outdoor
Frequency 50 Hz , 60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn5 / Dyn11 (Other as Required)
Winding material Copper / Aluminium
Taping range Off circuit and On load Tap Changers as per customer specification
Impedance In line with applicable standards.

Standard Fittings: Two Earthing Terminals , Oil Level Gauge, Air Release Device, Rating and Terminal Markings Plate, Breather, Drain cum Sampling Valve, Thermometer Pocket, Oil Filling Hole, Lifting Lugs, Explosion Vent / Pressure relief Device , Filter Valve, Arcing Horns , Off Circuit Tap Changer.

Optional Fittings: Bird Guard, Terminal Connector, OTI, WTI, Buchholz Relay, MOG, On Load Tap Changer, HT / LT Breaker, Expulsion fuse