Why Rent a Transformer?

Electrical Transformer Rental Service in India

Rental transformers are a better option nowadays especially when there is no need of these on a permanent basis. It is a better choice to avoid heavier investment, which is involved in buying a new transformer, on the part of the client. There is a stock of rental transformers ready to be shipped to your desired location as per your needs and criteria. It occurs frequently that a rented transformer is used for weeks or months in place of a field transformer until a permanent new replacement is purchased. Transformers are also taken on rent by contractors while the construction work, which is temporary in nature, is going on.

We at ABC transformers are continuously concerned in providing our client-ship with the best quality transformer service which is reliable in every situation. ABC transformer is an important name in transformer rental service in India. Our product is tested on various parameters and manufactured with the use of efficient qualitative material for its proficient functionality. The very base of ABC transformers is to maintain lifetime connectivity to its clients thus your satisfaction is our first priority.

The idea of renting transformers has been very common in various parts of the world and with time it is becoming a common trend in India as well. For instance, if a firm rents an oil-filled or silicone electrical filled transformer they can restore the power temporarily in just a few hours rather than days.

We provide varieties of rented transformers of varying sizes, shapes, capacity such as oil, silicone, dry type, air-cooled, cast oil, fan cooled, high voltage, low voltage, unit substation, substation, delta-wye, buck-boost, zigzag, copper, aluminum cooled, nitrogen sealed, single phase, three phase, liquid filled, and on and on. There are a variety of configurations available as per your need. But in case of, most of these configurations do not matter as long as the size of the transformer being used is big enough. Also, it needs to have the correct voltage and ensure safety in all the circumstances.  We have a guaranteed fast delivery, which will only take a few hours and your transformer will be delivered at your required destination. We at ABC transformers are engaged in designing our services in the best way possible for the holistic satisfaction of our client pool, the electric transformer rental in India is at boom these days due to its simple and convenient nature.

Along with the transformers, for the ease of our clients, we also deliver high voltage and low voltage cables which are ready to use. There are high voltage and low voltage switches, circuit breakers, transfer switches, switchgear, terminations, fuses and a massive selection of lugs, all available to be rented. Hence, in case of the failure of a permanent field transformer ranging from medium power to high power, taking transformers on rent is a good option in order to prevent any hindrance in the day to day work and services. We are one of the topmost transformer rental services in Delhi who offer their utmost care while delivering your product as per your details and requirements.

There is an ever-increasing amount of load on the firms and companies of every background to compete with fellow firms in order to maintain their position in the market. In all of this, there is always a demand for a reliable and suitable service which is provided by us. We have our services well established and as per the latest needs and requirement of the client system as well as the latest technological developments associated with it. Our client’s fulfillment is our aim and always the first priority for us.

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