Know About The Working Of High Voltage Transformer

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The surge of demand for power transformer company in Noida mirrors the need for upgrading the market of high-voltage transformers. See it this way, the areas of Noida are included in the NCR (National Capital Region), which reflects the administrative necessity of high-voltage transformers not just in the metropolitan cities but also the other areas which earlier were not included in the regions requiring effective systems of electrical energy. The mechanisms of high-voltage transformers and its usage is enhancing its market presence. Let’s understand the mechanism of how a high-voltage transformer works

  • Cooling system:

An effective high-voltage transformer will be equipped to deal with the heating of its system. The various types of power transformer manufacturers in India make sure that the cooling system of high-voltage transformers is up-to-date to efficiently manage the excessive generation of heat without any kind of breakdown.

  • Electric current supply:

High-voltage transformers are provided with safety mechanisms to keep the supply of electric current at par with the requirements of the network. They are to maintain the optimal supply of electric current.

  • Insulation:

High-voltage transformers have to serve their purpose, they have to optimally work with high levels of voltage. These flaring levels of voltage are powered enough to break down the system of a normal transformer. To tackle these levels of voltage, a high-voltage transformer is engineered with specialised insulation to avoid any type of faulty behaviour which can originate from the high voltage.

  • Rating:

The purpose of the high-voltage transformers determines their ratings. For instance, a high-voltage transformer engineered for high voltage cable testing has the capacity of around 100 to 500 kVA whereas the range of 0.5 to 1 kVA per KV is suitable for high-voltage transformers required for string insulator testing. On the other hand, the maximum load of voltage optimal for high-voltage transformers which are made for the routine test of electrical equipment is just 2 to 3 kV while the ones to deal with insulation testing are equipped with the capacity of 10 to 20 kVA.

  • Resistance value:

The high-voltage transformers used for purpose of testing only have to deal with fewer levels of current but in case of breakdown of the insulator, the high-voltage transformers have to provide regulation of the high current flowing through the system. A high resistance linked in series with the high-voltage transformer is a safe choice to opt for avoiding this fault.

  • Separating element:

The primary windings of high-voltage transformers have to be separated from the secondary windings to complete the flow of complete charge. Considering the mechanics of a high-voltage transformer, sheets made out of bakelite are used to keep the primary windings away from the secondary windings.

  • Type:

Usually, high voltage power transformers are of single-phase and core type. In single-phase transformers, the linkage between the primary winding and the secondary winding is only of the magnetic type. No electrical connection is established between these two winding.

  • Use of oil:

Transformers can be either oil-immersed or dry type. The experienced power transformer manufacturing companies prefer to make the high-voltage transformers of the oil-immersion types.

  • Voltage regulation:

High-voltage transformers have to be able to administer the supply of high levels of voltage. For this, it is important to equip high-voltage transformers with the apt mechanism of transformer voltage regulation which can provide continuous support to the high-voltage transformer.

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